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Our mission

Nextasoft is an ICT company specialized in the study and development of digital technologies for start-up, encouraging the making of new business in Europe. The development process starts from the analysis of the project requirements, applied to heterogeneous sectors, motivating the creativity of young entrepreneurs in the identification of problems, tailoring the technology solution and ensuring, through a market analysis, the system is suitable for a productive financial model. In the end, we incorporate the startup on behalf of the young entrepreneur, providing business mentoring, technical advice and tools for internationalization.

Blockchain software

The power of blockchain technology to decentralize and make business operations and transactions safe and transparent.

Desktop & mobile apps

Technical consultancy for innovative projects and Android, iOS, Windows Phone or hybrid apps development for the B2C or B2B market.

Web software

A successful idea starts from the web. Design and programming of custom, responsive and highly scalable web platforms.

Corporate marketing

Effective ommunication creates value, as in love also in business. Powerful marketing strategies to plan and launch out-of-the-box advertising campaigns.

Multidisciplinary design

Art direction for the creation of brand and corporate identity, UI/UX design, 3D rendering and artworks, video shooting, merchandising and industrial design.

Legal protection

Partner law firm specializing in technology cases, company incorporation, license filing and trademark protection. Resolution of civil cases in EU & UK.

We develop intelligent software

The growing challenges the world is facing, from pandemic to climate change, have required the implementation of artificial intelligence, the design and use of technological systems that combine reality and virtual to operate in potentially hostile environments.

Our commitment.

Pursue the excellence, give your talent and entrepreneurial essence a chance. Nextasoft elaborates business models and financial forecasts, develops digital technology suitable for innovative project coming from young and enthusiast entrepreneurs, supporting them in early stages of branding and advertising. Software must generate income and maintain stability over time, that's the reason why Nextasoft founds your LTD company, responding to all the bureaucratic requirements in a very short time and providing business training and technology advice to the emerging start-up.

The revolution.

Blockchain technology, smart contracts and digital currencies will revolutionize our daily lives and represent the future of the financial system, e-commerce, data storage and transactions. We are engaged in cryptocurrency programming, smart contract implementation and blockchain-based technology, ICO consulting service and crowdfunding campaign planning. Nextasoft also offers an investment service on bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies with a dedicated broker that will guide the client choosing an appropriate financial plan, for short or long term investment on digital assets.

Our life mantra.

Elegance means simplicity and attention to detail. From the fusion between Nextasoft and Komponent Design we combine technical perfection with aesthetic excellence, guaranteeing cutting-edge products that aim to increase the value of the client companies with elegance, following a unique style and company mission. Nextasoft and Komponent Design are committed to developing highest quality products: we believe in quality because it is the only way to challenge time.

Simple. Memorable. Exciting.

Yes, that's your next advertising campaign.
short term

One off

Ideal for developing projects with limited duration over time and fixed technical requirements. Suitable for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to create the technology necessary to start their business, as well as the creation of a corporate identity.

long term


Ideal for the development of complex technology projects, software management and marketing campaign planning that require constant effort to enhance the brand and achieve important results on search engines.

The values that move our company

Our code of ethics is based on values that are essential to us and represents a fundamental guide to responsible conduct in the company and to the professional relationships we establish with customers. Nextasoft always acts with integrity and in full compliance with local, regional or national laws. Our conduct in the company allows us to keep our performance high, collaborate with authoritative partners, enhance talented professionals and better regulate communications with our customers.

We firmly believe in technological progress, in the need for a decentralized financial system and a reduced environmental impact. There is no better method of payment than direct, immediate, secure, zero fees transaction and totally devoid of control by credit institutions. An encrypted virtual currency represents for us the new concept of Trust: unalterable and immune to corruption, apolitical, anonymous, transparent, not expropriated by governments and whose possession is entirely and exclusively in the control of the holder. Completely in line with the key concepts of the following financial projects and certain of a rapid evolution of blockchain tecnology for the management of transactions and data exchange in multiple sectors, Nextasoft supports and adopts cryptocurrency payments and encourages the exchange of digital currency by practicing a 2% reduction to all customers who wish to pay in the following digital currencies: bitcoin (BTC), ripple (XRP), stellar lumens (XLM), ethereum (ETH).

Alberto Cervini

CEO Nextasoft

Activism and awareness rising

Respect comes from knowledge. Nextasoft commits part of its income, time and effort to create awareness campaigns towards causes in which we firmly believe and which we have been involved in for years. Innovating means bringing about a change in the society we live in. We want to live in a better world and we have a responsibility to actively contribute to a social as well as a technological revolution. Nextasoft offers Pro Bono activities within the Run With Change program.

Company incorporation in UK

Formation of the company in two working days and sending of certificates and documents of incorporation. Registered office and service address for the use of a Director, at our offices. Sending mail by government agencies, such as tax authorities and chambers of commerce.

from €1200

una tantum

Startup acceleration program

Start-up growth program that includes company incorporation, registered office at our offices, mailing from the tax authorities and chamber of commerce, creation of a pitch deck. The program includes applications to sector calls, the search for networking events in Europe and potential investors within 6 months of launch. Investment brokerage and negotiation with 15% commission in case of success.

from €3500

una tantum

Legal protection

Legal protection for our clients is a priority, for this reason we have set up a legal area for the resolution of civil cases in Italy, the United Kingdom and in the main foreign countries with the collaboration of partner law firms: in this way we are in a position to able to support companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the out-of-court or judicial resolution of any problem concerning their business or trademark protection.

from €500


Nextasoft Care

Any Nextasoft product is eligible for full assistance in the event of an accident caused by misuse, tampering or hacking. Complete restoration in record time. Warranty valid only if purchased at the same time as the project is started or within delivery.

from €50


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