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SEO Service

How to get on the first page of Google ? How to optimize website for search engines ? How search engines work ? How to promote your business via the internet ? How to increase website visibility to search engines and what is necessary to be awarded with a good search engine ranking position for the most relevant searches in your field of interest ? How does one attract customers after obtaining a good ranking? These are all legitimate questions for anyone operating an online business or trying to make oneself visible to a local or global Internet audience. Having a website or web application is a first step in putting a company on the map, but making it noticeable to a targeted clientele is another aspect which needs serious consideration.

For Internet marketing and promotion, it is advisable to benefit from the advice and expertise of SEO consultants. Our SEO experts provide professional SEO services customised to your specific needs and requirements. We provide expert search engine optimization services at affordable rates and our SEO proposal contains all the technical information needed for the optimization of your website or web application. We target a good SEO rank, but also keep in mind the importance of online traffic above rankings. It is crucial to respect specific parameters and algorithms while editing the code of a website. Exclusion of your web pages from searches is possible if a novice is taking care of your on-site SEO; but we are experienced and we use only the ethical means for SEO optimization and SEO link building services.

SEO is a one of the many marketing methods your website should benefit from. There is not a single best marketing strategy plan one can come across, but amongst the many possibilities marketing experts make available, there are some which should not be avoided. They usually vary in time with the search engine trends. However, a few never grow out of date, such as the optimization of your website’s code and content, meaning on site SEO. The search engine optimization of your web pages is a highly productive and an effective long-term investment. Obtaining a good organic search engine placement in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines takes longer to show results and success than a pay per click campaign, but allows you to get consistent and long-lasting results without having to redeploy financial resources time and again.

We operate in 4 stages so that your website achieves the best SEO rank:

• Analysis of your competitors
• Research and proposition of a winning online marketing strategy plan to bring out the strengths of your specific online activity
• SEO optimization: changing the code of your website and providing you with SEO content writing
• Maintenance and improvement of performance over time through global marketing strategies and SEO link building services.

We recommend all our clients to inspect all the marketing and web development services presented on our website and to contact us for personalised advice from our SEO and SEM consultants. We can formulate an on-site and off-site marketing strategy plan to facilitate your website’s ascension and success. After providing you with website optimization services, we can contribute to the successful management of an advertising campaign.

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Why companies should focus on SEO

• It is a necessary and inevitable method for developing a business.
• It is an investment that provides long-term returns.
• It is a convenient web marketing strategy.
• 94% of web users start an internet session from a search engine, 98% use the internet only through search engines. The statistics denote a predominant and massive use of the Google search engine compared to the others, affirming its importance in the context of SEO campaign planning.
• The increase in mobile bandwidth has increased traffic generated by search engines and redirection to web portals.
• Your competitors are already taking advantage of it.

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