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iOS software development

iOS software development

There is an iOS app for what you’re thinking. The advancement of technology and the ability to combine multiple development environments allows our mobile application development company to develop top quality iOS apps for just about anything, in full respect of the rules of the Apple Store. Application development services are now at your fingertips. Whether you are interested in mobile apps for business, in iOS game development or in iPad app development, custom software development can make it happen and can have an impact on the apps market, to your benefit.

Do you have an innovative idea for mobile application design? Discuss it with one of our best iOS app developers. Developing iOS apps is our job and although our headquarters are in London, we can provide our services globally. By using their knowledge in iPhone application development, talented programmers and designers will make your new iOS software idea come to life.

At the end of the mobile app development process, given that the software QA is provided, we will be pleased to confer your new iOS software app maximum visibility, either locally or globally on the apps market, using our multi-media advertising campaign and mobile marketing services. We care about your privacy and respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, so your iOS app will be protected by our non-disclosure agreement.

Statistics on iOS

0 bln
IOS users
in 2020
0 bln
Apps downloaded
in 2020
0 bln
Games downloaded
in 2020
2016 - 15.3 billions of iOS apps downloaded
2015 - 17.7 billions of iOS apps downloaded
2017 - 19.4 billions of iOS apps downloaded
2018 - 20.7 billions of iOS apps downloaded
2019 - 21.3 billions of iOS apps downloaded
2020 - 24.3 billions of iOS apps downloaded

Technologies: Objective-C, C++, HTML5, framework Cocoa Touch.
Development environment: Apple X-Code, Interface Builder, PhoneGap.
Operating systems: iOS/iPadOS 15, iOS/iPadOS 14, iOS/iPadOS 13,iOS 12,iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4, iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 2.0, iPhone OS.
Architecture: Client/Server, Smart client, Native, Hybrid, Off-line, Database.

Dedicated Project Manager.

Highly specialized team.

Non disclosure agreement.

14 days post-delivery support.

Payment divided into milestones.

We accept all currencies and BTC.

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