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SEO Express solutions

Our all-inclusive SEO packages are designed to give maximum visibility to your business on the web in an efficient and lasting way. Implementing an effective SEO strategy, to optimize content and increase the authority of the website, is the only method that allows you to improve your position on search engines, reach the first page of Google and therefore increase organic traffic and sales. It is an important investment, which requires time and dedication, for this reason it is necessary to rely only on expert web marketing and digital copywriting professionals.
















SEO service description

In this first phase we will dedicate ourselves to analyzing the website to understand the deficiencies of the structure, the nature of your business and be able to establish an effective work plan.

Google considers the response speed of the website pages a key element for positioning as it provides users with a pleasant and immediate browsing experience. A website with a speed that does not meet search engine standards is demoted as being of low quality.

Nowadays, most of the user traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore search engines aim to index responsive websites, that is, they have updated their technology for better navigability of the web platform.

Each activity requires a different study which, based on the competitiveness of the sector, requires a number of specific keywords. There are strict parameters and rules to be respected on the use of keywords within the site code, texts and contents of each page of the site in order not to incur penalties.

Reaching the first page of Google is a difficult process that requires a lot of effort and experience. To get an idea, just consider how many national and international competitors are already working, at this moment or for a long time, to maintain or improve their position on the web. Analyzing the market provides us with important parameters through which to manage and optimize our SEO campaign.

At the end of the necessary analyzes, necessary to understand the current situation and trend, it is advisable to communicate a monthly work plan that will improve the position and reputation of the site. At any time, once you have seen results, you can opt for more advanced SEO packages in order to achieve increasingly relevant goals.

Optimizing the texts and contents of a website is one of the keys to success of any strategy. It is necessary to verify that the texts are not duplicated, to avoid serious penalties by Google, and that the contents respect precise characteristics, that they are also readable by search engine spiders as well as to humans, and that the code of each page is modified in based on optimized content so that it has full value for search engines.

Part of the work must be performed constantly on the source code of each page, and at each modification of the user interface. The two aspects must be managed in parallel to obtain optimal results in the onsite SEO activity.

The Internet is a computer network, as such internal and external links play a fundamental role. The optimization of internal links especially facilitates sites that have little authority, enriches the architecture of the site for a better user experience and allows a more satisfactory crawling of contents and pages by the crawlers of the search engines that work automatically for the indexing of web pages.

Any modification of the structure and creation of new pages or contents must be communicated to the search engines. At each update, an XML file will be created containing in detail the new site map to be loaded on the server and which will allow an easier understanding of the hierarchy of the pages and a better indexing of the site.

Writing the robots.txt file tells search engines which pages and website content to index and what to exclude.

Google My Business is an SEO tool offered by Google to all those businesses that intend to improve indexing and visibility at the local level. Once the appropriate verifications by Google have been carried out, the company will be present on Google Maps and in searches related to the business sector. It will also be possible to receive feedback and reviews, which further contribute to the reputation and authority of the website.

Search engines highlight the importance of the usability of the user interface, for this reason a thorough check of the website must be carried out to check for errors and resolve them. Errors in the interface and in the code affect the navigability of the site and the crawling of contents by crawlers, with the consequent exclusion from searches.

Checking if a site has been penalized or banned by Google and proceeding with the identification of the reason and resolution is a complex but essential practice. Search engines use two penalty methods, manual or automatic, each with a different verification and resolution process. Carrying out marketing practices independently or relying on a non-expert professional can result in black hat SEO and spam practices with serious penalties or definitive bans on Google.

A backlink is a link, exclusively with the rel = “follow” attribute, that points to a page on your site from an external site. Authoritative sites, inherent to their business and with relevant PA (Page authority) and DA (Domain authority), increase the ranking of the web platform and therefore the position on search engines. Backlinks are extremely useful to search engines because they are a parameter of popularity and are used by Google to index the site in searches and assign it a rank. An incorrect, excessive, unnatural link building practice or from sites considered spam, will result in the website being penalized or banned.

Search engines verify that the business is also present on the main social media and that the respective pages have a constant activity of posting, like and sharing by users. Presence on the main social channels, number of followers, posts with content that refer to the site, spontaneous sharing and interactions with users help to increase the authority of the website, thus improving the position of the site on Google.

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