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Email marketing service

Email marketing service

Opting for an email marketing campaign is a fast and direct way to reach users on the web and generate customer loyalty. Although it is as effective as it is risky if done the wrong way. 90% of commercial emails end up being marked as SPAM and this is not conducive to any business. As a company providing the best email marketing service through serious professionals, we care about your image and online credibility and we consider it necessary to make a brief introduction.

Firstly, it is essential to consider the recipients of your emails and their willingness to cooperate; the larger the user database (consenting to receive email advertisements), the better. Secondly, one must not exceed with recurring messages. If these two aspects are neglected, the email marketing campaign may result in your provider addressing the local competent authority to take your website offline, incurring heavy penalties.

Although there are quite a few options in terms of free email marketing software, all easily available online, they might not be your best choice for the reasons stated above. It is not advisable to advertise using email blast software. We also do not recommend buying databases from unknown sources and to always make sure they are a release issued by a third party.

Aside from the ethical aspect of email marketing, there other technical aspects to consider: double opt-ins versus single opt-ins for example. One has a greater safety index and security filtering compared to the other. We recommend our customers to opt for an email marketing service through experienced email marketing companies such as ours. Knowing all aspects related to marketing is difficult and time consuming to learn. Our experts are experienced and can provide a custom-made email marketing campaign. They will formulate an online marketing strategy and focus on secure and efficient email campaigns giving your business the maximum benefit.

Professionalism in our services is reflected in all details: unique, graphically rich emails, persuasive texts and a flawless design for the emails we send to potential customers. The email marketing campaign we will provide you with will deliver far better results than a simple business email template. Contact one of our email marketing consultants for service recommendations and let us plan the most appropriate strategy for your company.

Statistics on email marketing

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Why companies should focus on email marketing ?

• Instantaneous results which are easily traceable
• High index of ROI
• 70% of web users send or read email every day
• Increases sales and is very popular for Ecommerce websites looking to sell services and products online.

Dedicated Project Manager.

Highly specialized team.

Non disclosure agreement.

14 days post-delivery support.

Payment divided into milestones.

We accept all currencies and BTC.

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