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ICO development

ICO development

Initial Coin Offering is one of the most advanced and sought-after ways to raise funds from a start-up through an unregulated system. The financing, aimed at starting a business, is done through a series of public offerings and the whole process is quite similar to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) that operate on stock exchanges such as NASDAQ. Unlike IPOs, where investors buy stocks on a regulated market and obtain returns in fiat currency, ICOs subsequently listed on cryptocurrency exchanges are traded from fiat to digital assets.

Planning the pre-financing campaign requires the writing and dissemination of a white paper that clearly and comprehensively sets out the project and also contains all the financial requirements. If the ICO does not meet the minimum financial conditions reported, the money is returned to the investors; on the contrary, if the ICO proves to be a success, the capital is used to execute the business plan and the investors, who had purchased the tokens during the crowdfunding campaign, will profit from them based on the performance of the digital asset.

Nextasoft offers complete ICO (Initial Coin Offering) development and launch solutions: from the creation of digital tokens and smart contracts, to the planning of the advertising campaign for the public offering and for the purchase of tokens in the pre-ICO phase. We also deal with the analysis and writing of the business plan and white paper.

We invite our customers to also consult our blockchain development and cryptocurrency exchange development service and contact us to request a quote and an estimate of delivery times.

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