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Legal protection

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Legal protection

Nextasoft supports young entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups both in terms of technology development and corporate incorporation.

Tailor-made corporate legal protection for our clients is a need as well as a priority, for this reason we have set up a legal area for the resolution of civil cases in Italy, the United Kingdom and major foreign countries with the collaboration of law firms partner: in this way we are able to support companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the out-of-court or judicial resolution of any problem concerning their business or the protection of the brand.

Our strengths are:

– Legal service specialized in technology for entrepreneurs and companies;
– Quickness in handling bureaucratic and legal procedures;
– Transparency of service costs;
– Free first consultation.

The legal services we offer cover, by way of example, various sectors, including:

– Credit recovery;
– Competition law:
1- Cases of reproduction of distinctive signs (company, sign, brand);
2- Cases of product imitation;
3- Cases of denigration;
– Intellectual (IP) and industrial property law;
– Company law;
– Business crisis management (out-of-court reorganization strategies and assistance in the context of bankruptcy proceedings).

We will carefully evaluate each case and assist the client with a civil lawyer until the problem is resolved. On the basis of the probability of success, we will propose the legal strategy to be undertaken, favoring in all cases quick and efficient out-of-court solutions, such as, for example, mediation and arbitration, in order to avoid, where possible, lengthy, useless and expensive legal proceedings.

The legal assistance we offer also includes the following services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies:

– Merger and company acquisition (M&A);
– Preparation of business plan, pitch deck and venture financing document (contract that governs the terms of investment between venture capitalists / business angels and start-ups);
– Preparation of ICO Whitepaper or corporate Whitepaper;
– Preparation of contracts for companies;
– Verification and remodeling of commercial contracts;
– Brand protection, including patent / license filing (projects, designs, models) and trademark registration (trade mark); – Preparation of the contract for the sale and license of the brand;
– Preparation of the contract for the sale and license of the patent;
– IT and software protection contract;
– Corporate compliance;
– Preparation of sales conditions, information obligations and GDPR compliance for e-commerce;
– Law firm of Civil Law in Outsourcing for companies.

We invite you to contact us by requesting free legal advice in order to receive a quote for the best strategy to pursue.

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