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Non disclosure agreement

Non disclosure agreement

How our NDA is entered into

Large projects require the protection of know-how. We respect your privacy, which is why we provide a non-disclosure contract for the confidential information disclosed for the purpose of carrying out your project (NDA) that you can request, at your discretion, during the analysis phase.

Our confidentiality agreement includes the following points:

• The identity of the parties
• The purpose of the discussion
• If the agreement is one-way or two-way
• The rights of each party to use the disclosed information
• What information is protected and what information is outside the scope of the contract
• How information will be protected by each party during discussions
• The agreement does not create an obligation between companies (for example granting a right, license or commitment to enter into any other agreement)
• Timing of disclosure and confidentiality

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Non disclosure agreement – Nextasoft – Nextasoft