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Cryptocurrency exchange development

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Cryptocurrency market is booming and can be considered at the dawn of its rise. Cryptocurrency exchanges are digital markets through which users, by paying a conversion fee, sell and buy digital assets in exchange for fiat currency or cryptocurrency in real time and protected by scrupulous security protocols. In an extremely volatile and capital-rich market such as cryptocurrency, the speed in transactions, privacy and security of data transmitted are the priority in the development of a bitcoin and altcoins exchange platform.

Our engineers, blockchain technology experts, implement digital currency transfer functions so that thousands of data blocks can be managed in a fraction of a second.

Nextasoft is committed to creating cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency security consulting and capital hot / cold storage, blockchain software development, bitcoin and altcoins wallet development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launch and targeted marketing campaigns.

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All cryptocurrency exchanges will have the following requirements:

• Account creation
• Request for deposit
• Request for withdrawal
• Conversion of cryptocurrency
• Bank account management
• Transaction history
• Order book
• Graphs that reflect the trend in real time


• In-depth assessment of the vulnerability
• Dedicated team of security experts
• Decentralized Ledger
• Two-factor authentication and alerts
• Debugging


• Highly scalable platform
• API for integration with third-party services
• Modular architecture
• Customizable platform for specific functions


• UX di alto livello attraverso dashboard intuitive, grafici e report
• Registrazione e sistema di trading user friendly
• UI moderna, responsiva, curata nei dettagli e di eccellente qualità


• Piattaforma altamente configurabile
• Controllo granulare degli accessi utente
• Impostazioni per l’Admin da pannello di controllo


• Operations on blockchain
• Distributed ledger blockchain
• Smart contracts for workflow automation


• Operations outside the blockchain
• Ability to set fees
• Liquid assets

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