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Over the convencional binary system.​

Diversity is our strength. The binary system is not the only system that moves our society. The services we offer are not limited only to the IT sector but go a step further, ranging from marketing to training and business management, from design to legal protection, from fin-tech to the start-ups acceleration; this heterogeneity creates a perfect harmony to the final product. When Nextasoft was founded we decided to distinguish ourselves in the modus operandi and in the services offered, to pursue the values we firmly believe in and to include in our team only multi-potential professionals, to the detriment of the hyper-specialized. In fact, we believe that to build a complex project it is necessary to have knowledge of everything, to be moved by passion and curiosity. This is the way we bring immense value to every commissioned project.


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Our mission.

Nextasoft Ltd is an IT company with administrative headquarters in the heart of the London business and whose goal is to encourage business across Europe through the planning and design of innovative IT systems for young entrepreneurs wishing to start a company.

Technology has no limits and is a powerful and effective means of bringing about change in the society we live in. We want to live in a better world, technologically and ethically, and we believe that evolution can only take place through respect for the inseparable principles of the human being, freedom of being and expression: for this reason we commit part of our time, energy and resources in raising awareness of issues relevant to us such as education and defense of human rights, gender equality, education and the right to mental health, climate change.

Over the years we have collaborated with authoritative business accelerators in London, Berlin, Lisbon and Coventry; today we are able to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools necessary to start and accelerate their business successfully. In fact, we offer a 6-month start-up acceleration program, which offers mentoring, pitch deck creation, opportunity search, participation in business events in Europe and investment negotiation.

Nextasoft deals with the foundation of companies in the UK or in Italy, patent filing and trademark protection on behalf of its customers, who after having developed the technology with us can request the legal, administrative, bureaucratic and fiscal management of the newly formed company. We know how important legal protection is for a company, so we have set up a department for out-of-court or judicial assistance and protection in Italy, the UK and the main EU countries.

All the computer systems we create follow the Agile method, which guarantees a systematic, well-organized development process that makes the customer participate in each presentation phase.

Our warranty, Nextasoft Care, protects the software from any malfunction or damage caused unintentionally by the customer, by third parties or by hacking. The warranty has a different cost based on the product developed and can only be purchased before delivery.

Our 6 core values.


Nextasoft implements a conduct of transparency and moral integrity, promoting the values of honesty, fairness, protection of the person and business relationships.


Nextasoft adopts a behavior of moral linearity based on respect for the fundamental principles of correctness, transparency, consistency and objectivity.


Nextasoft operates with transparency in commercial transactions, negotiations and the contracts execution with customers, partners and collaborators.


Nextasoft encourages the development of a working environment free from preconceptions, discrimination and promotes open communication, teamwork and welcome cultures.


Nextasoft acts in full compliance with local, regional or national laws and practices a zero tolerance policy towards immoral, illegal, discriminatory, offensive and fraudulent conduct.

Non discrimination

Nextasoft collaborates with professionals and clients of different ethnicities, religions, ideologies, customs, cultures and is committed to raising awareness on relevant social issues.

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