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Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

We care about our customers. Our IT company offers high quality technology products at an unbeatable price.
Our primary goal is to create a relationship of trust and a long-lasting collaboration with each customer, making the most of every engineering resource and developing unprecedented solutions. Certain of the convenience of our web packages, we allow you to compare prices online and buy from us at the best guaranteed price.

Terms and conditions

– We match the best price offered by IT companies in Italy.
– The product must come from the Italian website of a qualified IT company.
– The product must be identical to ours and must be offered under the same conditions.
– We must be able to verify the lowest price and the comparison must be available to the general public.
– All requests relating to the use of the Best Price Guarantee are subject to verification by Nextasoft Ltd. We do not accept screenshots or other forms of attestation without objective confirmation as proof of a lower rate that is not otherwise verifiable.
– No request will be verified which, in our discretion, is the result of a misprint or other error or submitted for fraudulent purposes or in bad faith.
– We will match the price of only one product.
– The Best Price Guarantee applies only to Express website packages; it is not applicable to the development of custom websites or other IT products outside the Express section.
– The Best Price Guarantee is not valid if the cheapest offer on another website is obtained through a limited time promotion, promotional code, discount coupon or user discount.
– The Best Price Guarantee applies only to a purchase made from Italy and on the website
– The Best Price Guarantee cannot be used with any other offer.
– The Best Price Guarantee cannot be claimed after a purchase.

If eligible for the Best Price Guarantee, we will send you confirmation with the price adjustment.

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